Today we are introducing you to Renuvion® Cosmetic Technology. It is the new name for an already existing product in the Apyx Medical arsenal. As we become more laser-focused on the cosmetic industry, we needed to adopt a name that would resonate better with our plastic surgery and cosmetic customers, and their patients. The J-Plasma® brand, within the cosmetic space, will now be known as Renuvion Cosmetic Technology.

Renuvion Precise Handpiece

Why The Change

It would certainly be easier for everyone if we did not change the name of our proven helium plasma product. However, what really resonated with us over the last 12 months was that the name J-Plasma did not resonate in this market. Our biggest indication, the ah-ha moment, was when we realized there were more than dozen names and acronyms created for the J-Plasma product. This stems from the fact that many people are not aware of what the J in J-Plasma stands for, let alone what plasma energy is. Simply stated, the J-Plasma name was confusing and would not work.

But that’s not the only reason. When the J-Plasma product was originally launched, it was directed to all markets: hospital based surgeons in a variety of specialties and plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians who have their own practice. Everyone gravitated toward the J-Plasma device because of it’s proven results, operational efficiency, and unmatched versatility. As the usage of the J-Plasma technology in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures grew, we recognized the importance of providing additional support to these customers, and their patients. So we had to adjust.

As some of you may know it is pretty much impossible to market effectively to all users of a product. We knew that with the J-Plasma brand name, we could not support the cosmetic market as needed. With the Renuvion brand, we are making a commitment to all of you, our plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians, to provide you with the support you deserve and with a brand name that works for both you and your patients.

Where to Learn More

To learn more about this brand change you can view our short video talking about this brand transition below.

To keep up with all of the other information for this technology in the cosmetic market bookmark this website and check back often for updates. As you can see, the Renuvion brand has its own distinctive logo and messaging. Also, this brand will continue to expand with additional promotional materials in development.

Note that since J-Plasma will continue to be the brand name for all of our hospital based markets, our website,, will NOT be redirected to

Social Media Handles

We’ve created new social media handles for the Renuvion Brand: you can find us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Our Vision

“Our goal is to be the brand that physicians and patients trust the most. Renuvion occupies a unique space in the market where it allows the doctors to do surgery and the patients to have a less invasive procedure and get the results they are looking for.”

– Charlie D. Goodwin CEO, Apyx Medical