Real Renewal

These results were achieved in IDE clinical study G170151, using a single-pass technique.

Case 1

53-year-old female

Case 2

55-year-old female

Case 3

61-year-old female

Case 4

58-year-old female

Case 5

54-year-old male

Case 6

59-year-old female

Case 7

62-year-old female

Case 8

61-year-old female

Ready to try Renuvion and change the face of your practice?

The Renuvion Dermal Handpiece is indicated for dermatological procedures for the treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles and rhytides, limited to patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I, II, or III.

Warning: Application of more than one treatment pass in the perioral area, on the forehead, and along the jawline has been associated with hypertrophic scarring.

Risks associated with the use of the Renuvion Dermal System include but are not limited to hypertrophic scarring, milia/acne, telangiectasia (spider veins), skin discoloration/hypopigmentation, dormant infection reactivation, infection, bruising or bleeding. As with any procedure, individual results may vary. As with all energy devices there are inherent risks associated with its use, refer to the IFU for further information.