Energy Elevating Lives ® Apyx   Medical is an advanced energy technology company with a passion
for elevating people’s lives through innovative products in our target markets.

About Apyx Medical

Apyx Medical, formerly Bovie® Medical, leverages decades of experience in plasma technologies and unique waveforms to meet the changing needs of today’s market. Known for its Renuvion® and J-Plasma® helium plasma technologies, Apyx is focused on providing transformative solutions that enhance physicians’ practices and the patients they serve.

Apyx Medical continues to excel in the field of advanced energy because doctors trust and believe in the company and its people. They respect the Apyx legacy of innovation. They see Apyx as a scientific-minded organization that’s committed to ongoing research and continuous improvement. They recognize that Apyx is genuinely interested in helping them grow their practice by developing innovative energy solutions.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Apyx Medical is Reshaping What’s Possible®.

The Renuvion Story

Renuvion is the product of years of scientific research, experimentation, refinement, and market testing. Evolving from Apyx Medical’s long history in hospital-based surgery, physicians learned Renuvion was providing controlled heat to tissue which causes a tissue contraction effect.1,2,3,4,5 Although Renuvion was not originally developed for this specific use, Apyx recognized the opportunity to offer tremendous value in this space, enabling physicians to provide optimal results in less time as part of a minimally invasive procedure.6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Practices around the world have discovered that Renuvion is the solution their patients have been seeking – a standalone procedure or complement to liposuction that could provide lasting results with less downtime, less risk, and little scarring.8,10,13 For many practices, Renuvion has become the catalyst for unprecedented growth.14,15

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